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plastic domestic 3

My final work of the Plastic Domestic series was done in collaboration with Martin Pyper. It displays a 3D installation containing 2560 empty CD cases showing their rising trouble. I noticed that a lot of people digitalize their music to their Ipod’s or put a couple of their CD’s in folders to spare some room. This means that empty Plastic CD cases are left over more and more. To make people aware of the way designers produced the Compact Disc cases in the 20th century I needed some material.
I collected almost 3000 empty CD boxes a majority was bought on the Online Marketplace for 40 euro’s. While connecting four single empty CD cases together using Plastic tape transparent & black cubes appeared, these cubes where then fixed to typography. To illustrate the lack of vision that the designers had when designing these CD cases I created the lyrics ‘Yesterday all my troubles seemed so far away’ from the Beatles in plastic typography.


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