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The United Nations designated 2010 as international year of biodiversity. The European Commission declared it as a top priority since 1 in 6 mammal species are threatened with extinction in the EU. The loss of biodiversity could have catastrophic consequences on all living creatures, we’ve probably never considered how much we are connected. And still few people are engaged to preserve it.

These reasons encouraged the European Commission to hire advertising agency Ogilvy to create a campaign to raise awareness, educate the general public and engage with citizens on the subject of biodiversity. Amsterdam was chosen (out of 6 EU countries that will host the event) to launch the campaign ‘we are all in this together’. PR agency de Wolven organized the kick-off and asked me as a local Eco-artist to create an artpiece using Green Graffiti, this graffiti technique uses only a template and a high pressure water sprayer to clean a message on the dirty streets.

National newspaper De Telegraaf published an article about the campaign (see picture 5).

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Suikerdepôt nominated for a Dutch Design Award.

The suikerdepot identity Martin and I made together during my internship was nominated for a DDA in the category ‘best corporate identity’. (these pictures where shot by Martin and Uwe)


Yesterday at the Dutch Design Week

The Plastic Domestic project was part of the DDW 2009, you can still see this exhibition at the International Center for Sustainable Excellence (ICSE) in Eindhoven.


Trash is such a waste

The artwork is now part of the office interior of design agency WK-ontwerpers in The Hague.




I was asked to build up the Plastic Domestic project for the symposium Overvloed (abundance). An event organized by Happy Chaos where people from multiple disciplines such as politicians, poets and disco-idealist where able to discuss this topic. The classical decor of the Stadsschouwburg Amsterdam (Amsterdam based Theatre) gave an interesting contrast with the modern appearance of the Plastic CD cases.



Bunch of rocks

In the spring of 2008 Bunch (London based graphic design studio) wanted a new identity for their company. Instead of making one themselves they asked respectable and unknown designers to do the job. They launched the website made in bunch where designers could download the Capital B

without inner shapes (their logo till then). Many participants proposed a design and were placed online. What began as a little idea grew into a big online hit. Therefore the design studio decided to published a book showing a selection of 289 designs selected from 750 contributions.