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wij zijn koel

The company ‘We are cool’ creates opportunities for any organization to do business in a climate neutral way. The first stage in this process is an evaluation of the main resources (E.G energy, office supplies) that flow trough the organization. Where possible, negative impact is prevented or reduced. The inevitable (negative) impact is compensated.
Being in the process when the first ideas of ‘Wij zijn koel’ were being spread, I was able to come up with the whole identity of the company, including the name. This refers not only to the ‘cool’ and young structure of the company it also communicates a positive reaction against climate change and the heating of the earth. The polar bears represent the advocates of our precious world. To spread the awareness that besides being necessary it is absolutely fun and affordable to work in a sustainable way. I designed the stationary according to the ‘Clean Thinking’ method. The letterhead and the envelope are made out of one single sheet of paper. The business card is printed on Cradle 2 Cradle 285 grams Polyart, in theory this could be ‘upcycled’ again.


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